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castellan (
Sun, 09 Jul 2006 02:29:59 GMT

I'm pretty happy with it. Free voicemail! No arguments from me.

I used j2 previously, but they have a limit on how many messages/faxes
you can get a month.

On 2006-07-06, <> wrote:

> I saw their ad on TV.

> They give you a free voice mail account.

> You can access messages by phone or 'net.

> Most interestting fo their TOS is:

> 6.4 Downloads. Provider may from time to time download and install
> software, including additional Software or third party software, to
> your computer while it is connected to the Internet through any means.
> Provider retains the right to limit, restrict or require the use of
> certain software or service in connection with the Services.

> AND if you pay for extra services they have an "early termination
> penalty"

> I like OneSuite.

> Incredibly low long distance phone rates. As low as USA-Canada 1.9CPM!
> Works as prepaid phone card. PIN not needed for calls from home or
> cell phone. Compare the rates at No monthly
> fee or minimum. Use Promotion/SuiteTreat Code: "FREEoffer23" for FREE
> time.

> Although from USA payphones there is a connection fee, there is NONE from
> other phones or Canadian payphones. Also works FROM many other
> countries.

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