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Re: NorVergence Founders Fined For Fraud
3 Jul 2006 17:47:58 -0700

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And prison usually only results if
> you are not rich also. PAT]

The government went to a lot of trouble to send Martha Stewart to
prison for a much lesser crime. A few years before that Leona
Helmsley went to prison. I wonder why the government isn't devoting
its resources to these guys who, after all, hurt a lot more people.

There are more well-to-do people in prison than you'd expect Their
cases don't make the major headlines so we're not aware of them.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I should correct what I said earlier.
Prison usually results if (a) you are an innocent person who cannot
afford an attorney; or (b) the government is especially aggrieved by
your actions, which is to say takes personal affront at your actions
or statements. Both Martha Stewart and Ms. Helmsley fell into that
(b) second category. They both felt they were 'too good' (i.e. special
or different); they both were prone to sassing at the government
from time to time. Their sass did not go unnoticed. PAT]

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