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Re: Bellsouth Keeps Calling

Mon, 03 Jul 2006 16:36:54 -0400

>> 6. Just say No. Repeatedly. Everytime they call. And hang up.
>> Don't talk to them, don't let them waste your time. Do you read your
>> spam email, or do you delete it before you even open it? Try these
>> people like spam. Sing them the Spam song from Monty Python. Ask
>> them inane questions. Ask them what they're wearing(!). Tell them
>> about your cat/dog/child/mother. Tell them about your medication or
>> medical condition. Its your phone, it is there for your convenience.

> I've just said no dozens of times. After I say no and hang up, how can
> I ask them what they are wearing? Would I find it convenient to tell
> them about my medication?

Saying no has no effect on future calls. Saying "Do not call me again
for any reason." is different and has the FCC and/or state utility
commission behind it.

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