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Re: Can the New T-Mobile Motorola V195 Cell Phone be Unlocked Yet?

BrendaLee (
Sun, 02 Jul 2006 02:24:38 GMT

I found this while searching how to unlock my T-Mobile Motorola v195.

It seems all the new Motorola cell phones are unlockable without something
called testpoint and without dissassembling the cell phone.

It seems Motorola decided to make all new phones unlockable so the new
recommendation is to never buy Motorola phones if you wish to use them
outside the United States.

When I called T-Mobile to ask them to unlock my new cell phone they
said I shouldn't have bought it from them if I wanted to unlock it.


On Tue, 13 Jun 2006 07:02:16 GMT, maryanne kehoe wrote:

> Today, I picked up the new Motorola V195 cell phone with 150 pay-as-you-go
> minutes for $99.99 + tax at the local T-Mobile store. It has four bands and
> a SIM card so that it can be used anywhere in the world, the salesperson
> said.

> The T-Mobile salesperson said I had to wait 90 days to unlock T-Mobile
> phones on the pre-paid plan. But, she swore my Motorola V195 cell phone
> could be unlocked immediately by anyone who knew how to do it. On that
> basis alone, I purchased the Motorola V195 cell phone. I would not
> otherwise have bought a locked phone.

> However, upon subsequent googling, I can't seem to find a vendor who can
> unlock this new Motorola V195 cell phone.

> Do you know who can unlock the Motorola V195 cellphone?

> I first called 800-891-0552 who said they didn't
> know how to unlock this new Motorola V195 cell phone. Same with the
> folks who use the same telephone number.

> Then I tried who didn't even realize this
> Motorola V195 cell phone has been out for some time available to the public

> Next I tried which says they can generally
> unlock Motorola cell phone by IMEI without a cable (remember, this phone
> does not come with a cable) but not the Motorola V195.

> For 5 dollars, says they can unlock cell phones,
> but again, there is no listing for the Motorola V195.

> Likewise with

> It seems I need YOUR help.

> Where can I find an outfit that can unlock the new Motorola V195 cell
> phones?

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