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Re: Question About Historical Cell Site Information

Matt Simpson (
Fri, 30 Jun 2006 09:03:47 -0400

In article <>, Brent Newton
<> wrote:

> I am a criminal defense attorney in Houston, Texas, exploring a
> possible alibi defense for a client whose cell phone records show
> his cell phone being used immediately before the alleged bank
> robbery that the police claim he committed. He says he made the
> call at his mother's house, which is 40 miles away the bank he
> allegedly robbed. I have subpoenaed the historical cell site
> records from the carrier, T-Mobile, but a T-Mobile representative
> claims that they do not keep historical cell site information past
> 30 days.

Even if there are records available to confirm it, it's a pretty fishy
alibi. So somebody at his mother's house was using his cell phone
when a bank 40 miles away was being robbed. "Here Mom, take this
phone ... and call me in about an hour."

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Except that if the records are
available it should be easy enough to find out _who_ the conversation
was with, how long it lasted, and who was on each end of the line. PAT]

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