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TelecomDirect News Daily Update - June 20, 2006

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Tue, 20 Jun 2006 12:13:58 EDT

PricewaterhouseCoopers Presents
The TelecomDirect News Daily Update
For June 20, 2006

Spectrum Popularity - What's the Dif?

As industry attention remains glued on FCC auctions of spectrum
for commercial wireless services, one thing is clear. Not all
spectrum is considered Grade-A Choice. The auction for 4 MHz (2
X 2 MHz) in the 800 MHz band, designated for linking aircraft to
ground stations, just ended June 2, and will essentially provide
backhaul for...

Escalating Revenue Management to an Executive Priority

Revenue assurance and cost management tend to go hand in hand,
because they involve analysis of the same sorts of
information. One way or another, diagnosis of revenue and cost
problems, some the result of fraud, will involve reconciliation
among billing, customer, network inventory and provisioned
service data. When various aspects of...

Regulator Paves Way for WiMAX in Ukraine

Bids are being tendered to Ukraine's National Commission for
Communications Regulation for WiMAX frequencies, reports
Prime-Tass. The development comes following the government's
recent approval of a plan for the allocation of radio
frequencies, which allows the introduction of WiMAX technology
from 1 July 2006. The frequencies...

Telefonica CTC Chile Calls for Regional Digital TV Standard in Latin America

Telefonica CTC Chile's manager Gustavo Perez said in interview
that the Chilean authorities should consider adopting the same
digital TV standard for the whole of Latin America, according to
reports from Business News Americas. Moreover, the operator has
recently launched digital TV services in Chile and...

802.20 Review Put on Hold

The IEEE's recent decision to put on hold discussions on the
emerging 802.20 standard underlines the battle of wills between the
backers of competing mobile broadband standards. In one corner is
Qualcomm, which is promoting the 802.20 standard, while in the other
is Intel and Motorola, both proponents of the 802.16e (mobile

Helio Offers Cash for Used Products

Helio, whwich targets affluent 18- to 32-year-olds, wants to keep
disposable income in the pockets of its subscribers. To this end,
the MVNO is rolling out the 'Turn in. Trade up. Cash
out Program', which enables customers to send in their old
consumer electronic portable devices for cash. The program
covers old...

Verizon Slams Vonage With VoIP Patent Suit

Vonage has been hit with just what it needed the least right now
-- a patent lawsuit from Verizon claiming the company trampled on
seven Verizon patents covering VoIP technology. Already facing a
passel of lawsuits over the conduct of its IPO and the disastrous
decrease in value of its shares, the news was the last thing...

Cable Turns to BB-on-Demand

Seeking a new competitive edge against swiftly growing DSL
providers, cable operators are starting to offer new
bandwidth-on-demand services that let cable modem users sample
faster data speeds whenever they wish. In the past couple of
weeks, two of North America's three largest MSOs -- Comcast
and Cox Communications -- have...

Nascent IMS Market Could Reach $14 Billion in US by 2011

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Still in the early stages of
development, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) will take at least another
year to get going, but has enormous potential, reports In-Stat. In
the most optimistic of three forecast scenarios, wireless carrier
revenues from IMS applications in the US could be as high as $14
billion by ...

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