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Re: Political Telemarketing Calls

Steven Lichter (
Mon, 12 Jun 2006 01:05:13 GMT

John David Galt wrote:

> mc wrote:

>> This is a conversation I've had with various people at various times:

>> "Maybe you've found a loophole in the Do Not Call List. But do you
>> remember *why* there's a Do Not Call List? You don't get business
>> (votes, etc.) by bothering people when they don't want to be
>> bothered!"

> I wonder how many of the "Westly calls" were by his opponent's
> campaign, *hoping* to piss you off?

The ones that I got were from his election committee, located in West
Los Angeles, I check the CID number with a network friend of mine with
Verizon, who I had worked with before I retired from GTE; though it
could have been forged. The other number was from a company that they
had contracted to call, they were located in Beaverton, Or. I plan on
exacting revenge from them in a month when I go back up there for a
contact job. How about all of their phones ringing all at once with
no interrupt.

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