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Re: Political Telemarketing Calls

Steven Lichter (
Thu, 08 Jun 2006 03:06:33 GMT

Mark Crispin wrote:

> There is a service called Do Not Disturb which is generally cheaper
> than the various "No Solicitation", "Caller ID/Anonymous Call
> Rejection", etc. services. It's also *far* more effective.

> Do Not Disturb allows you, during a preset time period, to block all
> calls unless a 4-digit override code is entered. You can set this
> time being to be the entire day.

> Optionally, you can choose to allow "*" for an emergency override; if
> the caller presses "*", he has to state his name, then you are called,
> told when you answer that there is a call from <...>, and then you get
> the chance to accept or refuse the call.

> If you have voice mail service, then blocked calls are forwarded to
> your voice mail. If you don't, then after reciting the announcement
> it will hang up if the 4-digit code isn't entered during the
> announcement.

> This option is not for everybody; but it *is* effective. All my
> trusted contacts have my 4-digit code. Since I put this in I've had
> zero solicitation calls.

> Yeah, I didn't mind when the local search & rescue volunteer
> organization called me to offer to sell me discount tickets to the
> rodeo. It was good to save a few bucks on rodeo tickets and help a
> good cause. Nonetheless, this benefit was outweighed by the
> Florida-based scam artists (such as Integrated Credit
> Solutions/Lighthouse Credit Foundation in Largo, and OneSetPrice in
> Orlando, both of which have been whacked by the FTC) who repeatedly
> pissed in the well. I would not mourn if global warning causes
> Florida to sink into the Atlantic.

> -- Mark --

> Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to eat for lunch.
> Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote.

I just think that all telemarketers like spammers, should just be
killed along with their whole family so that can't pass being a
telemarketer on to them.

The only good spammer is a dead one!! Have you hunted one down today?
(c) 2006 I Kill Spammers, inc, A Rot in Hell. Co.

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