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Re: Political Telemarketing Calls

Steven Lichter (
Wed, 07 Jun 2006 03:52:42 GMT

Lena wrote:

> I had a burning desire for a device that I could put on my phone line
> that would allow me to control who and when folks could call me, since
> the phone companies didn't seem to be willing to do it. I thought I'd
> get some relief after the long awaited "Do Not Call'" list went in to
> effect. No such luck. Not only are political and charitable
> organizations exempt, but also companies with whom one has done
> business recently.

> I wish I was more computer literate and could write the software and
> built the necessary hardware which would allow me to block any
> anonymous caller and any caller from a list of numbers that I specify,
> especaially the callers who refuse to leave a message, but just call
> back over and over again. Telemarketers would only get away with
> calling me once. I wish I could turn the phone off completely
> overnight and at times during the day if I wanted. I wish I could
> divert certain long-winded callers to voicemail every time they
> called.

> My wish came true when I signed up for VOIP. So many features for so
> much less money than a landline. Block up to 20 numbers. Send
> another 20 to voicemail. Schedule the phone not to ring overnight and
> during dinner. Block all anonymous callers.

> Goodbye and good riddance, you #%#@!%^& telemarketers!

> Lena

I have a credit card with HSBC and started getting calls to sign up
for all kinds of services. I called the number to be removed from
there list. It stated that it could take six months to get removed
from their lists, my next act was to send a bill for each and every
call I got after I called their Opt-Out number. I charged $100.00 a
call which I considered fair since where I work I earn at least that
much. The total was $15,000. I got a real fast answer in the form of
a call from their legal department stating that I had no right to
demand any fee. My answer was I would file complaints with the FCC,
the regional Administrator of National Banks and the California
Attorney General. To say the least it started a paper fire storm for
them. It ended with my number being removed from all of their lists
and a check for $1,000, which they felt was fair. I took the money
and canceled my account with them.

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