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Re: Companies _DO_ Snoop on Employee Email

Mon, 05 Jun 2006 15:54:11 -0400 wrote:

> Reuters News Wire wrote:

>> "It is not something that is broadcast," Steele said. "There are
>> organizations where employees think they can say whatever they want
>> to say and nobody is going to read it."

> My employer issued a formal policy statement about emails, emphasizing
> that they are monitoring emails.

I manage some in house mail servers for some small businesses. My
advice to them is to tell employees that emails must be such that they
can be enlarged and nailed to the front door of the office. Anything
that doesn't meet that standard is not allowed and will be treated as
if it was so posted. All have basically adopted this policy. It means
that personal email is ok. Just not about last nights romantic
encounters. Disparaging comments about others, business or personal,
is not ok unless you're willing to say it in public.

And it is noted regularly that emails are not private. Any email
received or sent via the company computers can be assumed to be read
by management.

I understand large companies need more formal rules but this one seems
to be a reasonable compromise.

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