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Re: Companies _DO_ Snoop on Employee Email
5 Jun 2006 08:42:57 -0700

Reuters News Wire wrote:

> "It is not something that is broadcast," Steele said. "There are
> organizations where employees think they can say whatever they want
> to say and nobody is going to read it."

My employer issued a formal policy statement about emails, emphasizing
that they are monitoring emails.

There has been considerable publicity about e-mails not being private.
People have lost their jobs, even gone to jail when they mistakenly
sent a very personal email to everyone in the company. (Such a
mistake was part of the jokes in the film "American Pie").

I dislike using email for sensitive personal matters (anything beyond
"Want to meet for lunch today?") for that reason. I've gotten burned
with personal emails forwarded to others without my consent. I am
very careful who has my email address. (I need to establish email on
Yahoo as Pat suggested that I could be less cautious with.)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The only thing -- well, not the only
thing, but an important factor where Yahoo Mail is concerned is the
extremely high volume of spam/scam mail you will get on your account
there within days of starting to use their email. My main complaint
with Yahoo Mail is the _huge_ amount of sexually-related spam. PAT]

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