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The World eBook Fair, July 4-August4, 2006

Patrick Townson (
Fri, 2 Jun 2006 20:55:19 -0500

The World eBook Fair Home Page
eBook Celebration

Please visit us here from July 4th-August 4, 2006 to download your
selections from 1/3 million free eBooks.
Welcome to the future home of the World eBook Fair, soon to be the
largest showcase for eBooks, eBook publishers, editors, and others working
in the new world of eBooks.

July 4th to August 4, 2006 marks a month long celebration of
the 35th anniversary of the first step taken towards today's eBooks,
when the United States Declaration of Independence was the first file
placed online for downloading in what was destined to be an electronic
library of the Internet. Today's eBook library has a total of over 100
languages represented.

The World eBook Fair welcomes you to absolutely free access to
a variety of eBook unparalleled by any other source. 1/3 million
eBooks await you, all free of charge for the month from July 4 -
August 4, 2006, and then 1/2 million eBooks in 2007, 3/4 million in
2008, and ONE million in 2009.

Ten times as many eBooks are available from private eBook
sources, without the media circus that comes with 100 billion dollar
media mavens such as Google. The World eBook Fair has created a
library of wide ranging sample of these eBooks, totaling 1/3
million. Here are eBooks from nearly every classic author on the
varieties of subjects previously only available through the largest
library collections in the world. Now these books are yours for the
taking, free of charge, to keep for the rest of your lives. This
event is brought to you by the oldest and largest free eBook source on
the Internet, Project Gutenberg, with the assistance of the World
eBook Library, the providers of the largest collection, and a number
of other eBook efforts around the world. The World eBook Library
normally charges $8.95 per year for online access, and allows
unlimited permanent downloading. During The World eBook Fair all these
books are available free of charge through a gateway at


You are encouraged to participate in The World eBook Fair,
either to download any or all of the 1/3 million eBooks provided here
or to add your own eBooks. The World eBook fair is currently scheduled
for the next few July and August periods as follows:

2007 1/2 Million eBooks
2008 3/4 Million eBooks
2009 One Million eBooks

The World eBook Fair, Project Gutenberg, and World eBook
Library, along with our other participants, join together to encourage
you to assist in bringing many entire libraries to the general public
and to encourage ever increasing levels of literacy and reading.

We hope the invention of eBooks will advance the world as much
as did the invention of The Gutenberg Press, and look forward to the
Neo-Industrial Revolution following the advent of eBooks, just as the
invention of The Gutenberg Press undoubtedly led to the first
Industrial Revolution, and your participation can help bring this new
revolution in reading and libraries to the world.

We heartily thank you for visiting The World eBook Fair.

We hope you and yours will find lifetimes of reading materials to
expand your horizons over the years.

World eBook Fair, 2006
World eBook Fair is sponsored by Project Gutenberg and the World
eBook Library Consortia

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