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Re: ISPs Must Begin Holding Data For two Years
2 Jun 2006 12:51:07 -0700

Jon Swartz & Kevin Johnson wrote:

> Justice is not asking the companies to keep the content of e-mails,
> spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said. It wants records such as lists of
> e-mail traffic and Web searches, he said.

I find this very troubling because INNOCENT people could be
inadvertently caught up in some sting or dragnet.

We all know that many porn sites intentionally use a misspelling of a
common legtimate site to catch visitors. If someone does a typo and
gets a bad site, does that make them dangerous?

Many bad sites (political or porn or other) on the Internet disguise
themselves so a casual user thinks they're ok. Are such innocent
users who try out such sites dangerous?

Some people are just curious as to what the fuss is about and will
check out a "bad" site. Does that make such people dangerous?

Say the government is investigating such people. An aggressive
newspaper reporter gets the suspects and publishes them "in the name
of public safety -- the people have a right to know who might be
dangerous". Innocent people and their families, even if never charged
with any crime, would be ruined by such disclosures.

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