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Re: Cell Phone Owners Just Want Simple Phones

Richard Kaszeta (
30 May 2006 13:28:40 -0500

Dave Close <> writes:

>> So far, Sprint Nextel is doing something right as its subscribers
>> spend the highest average amount for data services in the industry.

> Something right for the stockholders, or something right for the
> customers?

Obviously, the customers think (correctly or not) that they are
getting a better deal from Sprint, since they pay it. If they
weren't, they'd have signed up with someone else. (For existing
customers, there's a disincentive for this, due to the usual 1 or 2
year service agreements).

> One thing Sprint is doing wrong, IMHO, is narrowing the choice of
> phones available. They don't offer simple phones any more. I know that
> electronic economics means you can always get more for less as time
> passes, but sometimes you still just want less.

Indeed, my current cell phone is essentially disposable, costing a
mere $20 (however, it's also a prepaid phone) to buy it. It costs me
around $8/month to keep it running and working. But this approach
only works since I don't really make a lot of calls (a lot of calling
people to tell them I'm ready to go at the airport, etc, i.e. almost
entirely 1-2 minute calls).

Richard W Kaszeta

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