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Verizon Rates in NYS Going Up

Danny Burstein (
Sun, 28 May 2006 10:24:05 -0400

As foretold by that scribe in, VZ is rushing to take
advantage of the new NYS PSC unregulating ...

Excerpted from an advert in the NY Times (Fri 26-May, p. D5)

Dial tone monthly access rate:
residential current: $ 8.61, new: $ 9.85
business: $18.24 new: $19.79

(Plus, of course, all the various fees and surcharges and taxes
and kickbacks.)

Oh, business local per minute of additional use: $ 0.013 new: $ 0.016

(that means an increase from 1.3 cents/minute to 1.6 cents)

And ... "Certain isdn-basic service monthly rates" (no amount listed).

Plenty of other increases as well.

More info at:

Click to the NY map, then "pending projects".

(hmm ... anyone up to looking through all the other states?)

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