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26 May 2006 01:46:05 -0700 wrote:

> I was wondering why with the advent of VoIP and Skype Vonage and all
> of this stuff; someone hasn't come up with software that can activate
> your modem in such a way that you plug your handset telephone into
> your modem and then use one of these services.

> Does anyone know if this would work? Why or why not?

The VoSky Call Center from ActionTec connects a Windows PC to your
phone line for use with the Skype Internet calling service. The NY
Times had an article about it pros and cons that is still available

To read the entire article go to:
Internet Calls Untethered From Your PC, by David Pogue
Published: April 6, 2006

It reads in part:

> Wouldn't it be nice if you could make and receive Skype calls from
> your home phone or any ordinary cellphone?

Enter the VoSky Call Center ($60 at, nicknamed the
Liberator. (All right, I gave it that nickname, but still.) It's a tiny
black box, about the size of a sandwich, that connects to a Windows PC
(with a U.S.B. cable), to your phone line and to your telephone. An
exceptionally clear instruction sheet walks you through the

As a final preparatory step, you're supposed to install Skype, if you
haven't already, fill up its buddy list with the Skype addresses of
your pals, and assign a speed-dial number to each one. Then you're
ready for the VoSky magic show.

FOR its first trick, the Call Center will let you call Skype buddies
using the telephone on your desk. You pick up the handset, dial ##
(which means, "This one's for Skype") and listen to a recorded female
voice say: "Welcome to the VoSky Call Center. Please enter your
contact's speed-dial number." (She pronounces it VOSS-key.)

Fortunately, you don't have to sit through her complete recording; you
can interrupt by dialing at any time. She's just a digital audio file,
not easily insulted.

There's a quick click, and then the call is placed. Your comrade,
perhaps thousands of miles away, hears the familiar Skype ring tone,
sits down at the PC, puts on the headset and answers. You, meanwhile,
chat cheerily on your cordless phone as you move about, do the laundry
or set the table.

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