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When Will Bluesecurity Return?

rakeshMT (
24 May 2006 09:05:22 -0700

The idea has been great and I need the members to tell is there any
possibility of Blue Frog coming back.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Yes, it was a good scheme, but it is
not likely the Enablers will allow it to continue, because, as one
Enabler stated, "The spammerscammers may decide to sue you for
disrupting their service." The idea was each person recieving one or
more items of spam makes a complaint to the _bonafide, clearly
demonstrated_ sender of the spam. People made these complaints through
an authorized agent -- Blue Security -- which also made an
investigation as to the true sender before releasing the emails of
complaint. Needless to say, the Enablers flew into a rage about this,
with complaints about how the scheme was (a) an illegal DDoS, upon the
'victims' (really the senders) of the spam, and (b) it was not very
well thought out and quite inefectual and accomplished nothing. It
must have been pretty well thought out and not that big of a waste of
time since the spammers retaliated with a massive attack on Blue
Security; really banged it up pretty bad. And since I have yet to see
any Sheriff banging on or kicking in my door to place me under arrest,
apparently the 'illegal DDoS' did not hold water either. So, I do
not know if the Frog will be back or not; obviously not if the
Enablers have their way. PAT]

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