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Re: File Sharers Hit With Criminal Charges
23 May 2006 11:49:04 -0700

Adam Pasick wrote:

> German police have filed criminal charges against 3,500 people accused
> of using the eDonkey file-sharing network to share copyrighted music
> illegally, the recording industry's trade group said on Tuesday.

This is a good thing.

This issue was discussed recently on the newsgroup.
Almost all posters were against such prosecutions and lawsuits because
they felt the music industry was "greedy", copyright laws were too
strict, or they did not respect the concept and laws of intellectual
property (some refused to even recognize the concept). Some claimed
the music industry was doing illegal things to sniff out piracy which
in fact is technically impossible to do at this time.

I didn't agree with them. I think the concept of intellecutal
property is extremely important and inventors, authors, and artists
have a right to retain ownership of their works (as provided in the
U.S. Constitution).

The music industry is going after high volume pirates, not individual
stealing one or two songs. Today's technology makes it possible to
easily reproduce and distribute high quality free duplicates of the
original in high volumes. This wasn't possible years ago.

As to the issue of U.S. copyright rules being too strict, stealing is
not the answer. Those who feel that way should get off their butt and
write congress saying so.

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