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Help! Anyone Know of Online Phone Service (With a Chosen Area Code)
20 May 2006 06:43:42 -0700

I used to use service but it seems to have stopped
offering such service.I already have spent hours searching
around. Anyone, please tell me a site that I can get a phone number
(extension ok) with my chosen area code and receive calls online from
any real phone in US?

If it costs several bucks a month, it is fine. Free is better.

Thanks a lot in advance.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: There is a service operating out of the
state of Washington which hands out _for free_ -- totally no charge --
one-way incoming phone numbers which translate into VOIP numbers. Even
though I had a couple numbers from them for several months, I have
forgotten the name. I am sure someone will remember it. If you are
willing to pay a few dollars each month then there are several VOIP
services around which do what you want. Use your search program to
look for 'VOIP' or 'Voice Over Internet Protocol' to find them. PAT]

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