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Last Laugh! Re: Spammer With a Toll Free Number

Wed, 17 May 2006 14:03:07 -0400

I got the same message. Has anyone tried to claim their prize? I think
I'm going to give him a try -- screw around with his head a little.
The following is what they sent me:


Please call me at 1-866-677-4100. I previously tried to contact you
at 1-813-9x-xx##, but was unable to reach you. This is reference to
an entry form you filled out, either on-line or at a major mall or
movie theater.

I actually have some decent news in regards to the Worldwide
Destination contest. I have an address, claim number, and further
details for you. Since all prizes are well over $500, I will need a
few moments of your time to cover all related lottery-type information
from procuring your prizes due to any tax issues on them.

Sincere congratulations!

The Prize Claim Coordinators

P.S. For your convenience, we are available 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Central
Standard Time, Monday to Friday Dec 14 2005 10:20AM

Please follow url below to stop further emails

The Prize Claim Coordinators
105 South River Rd
North Aurora, IL, 60542

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I know someone else who _attempted_
(without success, need I add) to collect the 'valuabl, over five
hundred dollars' prize. They will talk your head off when you call
if you allow them to do so. But, have some fun! You all know the
routine by now! PAT]

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