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Re: A Storm is Brewing Over Phone Record Collection

Gordon Burditt (
Tue, 16 May 2006 22:13:31 -0000

>>> But in his weekly radio address on Saturday, Bush rushed to assure the
>>> public the secret program did not target innocent private citizens.

>> Cheney did not "target" a fellow hunter either. Funny how that person
>> was injured anyway.

>>> Specially designed computer programs watch for patterns in these
>>> contacts and analyze them to make sure no terrorist cell is operating
>>> within the United States.

>> I'd like to see the output of such a program analyzing contacts
>> between members of Congress and lobbyists made public, to ensure that
>> no bribing of congresscritters is taking place.

>> Gordon L. Burditt

> You'll never see it but you can bet that all kinds of pattern analysis
> is taking place to discover which of us are communist err ah I mean
> Democrats.

Can't they get that kind of information much more simply by looking at
voter registration records? Legally, even? Is the fact that I voted
in the Republicrat primary rather than the Demican one public
information? When primary time comes around, I get a lot more
propaganda from candidates in the party primary that I last voted in
than ones from the other party.

Gordon L. Burditt

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