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Re: Using Dilution to Fight Phishers
2 May 2006 21:45:07 GMT

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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Yes, but just imagine, if every
> legitimate netizen out there would make the effort to add five or
> ten minutes of extra work to the load of their favorite spammer.

Then you end up with a distributed denial of service attack on the
mail servers of the world.


The spammers don't care. If they were running their own servers they
would. But they aren't, they're running bot-nets with thousands of
infected home computers to distribute the load across. All your approach
does is increase the load that the various mailservers have to deal with
when trying to detect and reject the spam as the number of fake
addresses and corresponding connection attempts increases accordingly.
Unless you can guarantee that the domains used in your fake emails don't
and never will exist.

John Meissen

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well hey, if the spammers don't care,
then why should anyone else? Let's bring the whole thing to a screaming
halt. Someone should write a little sript to make up domain names on
the fly. Something like: "Ima-Enabler@_the_(number_of_minutes)_delay_in_this_piece_of_email_getting_from_(your_name)_to_(recipient's_name)_is_compliments_of_(spammer1_spammer2_spammer3_who_between_them_sent_out_(number_of_spam_emails_and_scams_)_in_the_past_hour_or_(percentage)"

Then have that little script calculate and fill in (number of minutes)
as an estimate and (spammer1, spammer2, spammer3) and (number of
spams-scams) based on traffic patterns seen around the net from one
minute to the next and (percentage) as an estimate. And be sure to
thank the spammers by name in so far as their names are known for
their participation and help in making it possible. In other words,
shut it down, rub their noses in the mess, and make it seem like the
most natural thing in the world that a piece of email takes 9-10 hours
to travel from Point A to Point B and then -- even then -- falls into
a spam bucket somewhere along the way. Use gorilla warfare (or do you
say 'guerilla'?) to bring those jerks to their knees. If we cannot
have email to work the way it was intended, then let's not have it at
all ... as the Esteemed William ('punch the buttons, yank the crank')
Burroughs once noted in his book 'Naked Lunch' when he was addressing
a pet monkey, "either shape up and shit right, or you won't be in a
position to shit at all ... " PAT]

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