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Re: Podcasting Not For Most People

Thomas A. Horsley (
Sat, 22 Apr 2006 01:45:45 GMT

> "Logically true, yes. Psychologically true, no. My
> colleagues and I, along with other researchers, have begun amassing
> evidence -- both in the laboratory and in the field -- that increased
> choice can lead to decreased well-being."

It requires researchers to amass evidence for this? They must be
getting government grants.

There are places I won't go to eat because just reading the menu takes
more time than I have for lunch -- I wouldn't think it would take vast
amounts of research to figure this sorta thing out ...

Even the fast food joints are starting to join the too many choices
trend: Do you want the grilled chicken or the fried chicken? Do you
want the Honey-Mustard-Tofu-Wheatgerm sauce or the
Banana-Nut-Bat-Guano sauce?

I wish they'd all change their scripts and have the first question
always be: Do you want that with or without choices? :-).

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