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Re: Is it Possible to Get a Shock From POTS/DS

Lena (
19 Apr 2006 00:14:14 -0700

SD wrote:

> My brother says he is occasionally getting a shock when using his wired
> phone (ATT Trimline) with DSL filter on a SBC POTS/DSL line. Is the
> phone shorted?

If it was a true technical "short", meaning two wires are touching,
the phone wouldn't work. Your brother is somehow making contact
between the two wires coming into the phone, or between the hot wire
and another ground. It may be possible that the receptacle into which
the phone is plugged is wired backwards. It is likely that something
is worn or touching the metal part of the phone; it shouldn't. Phones
are so cheap, it isn't worth fooling with. Toss the thing in the
trash and spend the ten bucks for a new one.


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