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Re: When Did 2L-5N Become Required in Los Angeles?

Steven Lichter (
Wed, 19 Apr 2006 01:59:03 GMT

In article, Steven Lichter at wrote on 4/18/06 17:18:

> In article, Stephen Greenfield at
> wrote on 4/17/06 23:39:

>> Dear Patrick,

>> I've been trying to research the date a particular sign was posted on
>> my property in Glendale, California. When I saw that it had the
>> company's name (Pacific Fence Co.) and a very old 2L-4N phone
>> number ( Hillside 8141 ), I grew to wonder when Los Angeles would have
>> made the transition to 2L-5N, because I could probably figure the sign
>> predates that time.

>> My property was built in 1926. I'm guessing that Los Angeles switched
>> over sometime after WWII and before 1949, but I can't get a better fix
>> on that. Any chance you know where to look?

>> (I've been scanning old postings and digests, but haven't found anything
>> definitive)/

>> Best Regards,

>> Stephen Greenfield

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Perhaps some of our older readers who
>> have been around Los Angeles for a half-century or so, or older
>> readers who lived there in the 1940-60 era will be able to answer
>> this. PAT]

> Having lived in the San Fernando Valley through 1972, I remember having our
> number changed from DImond XXXX to DImond1-XXXX in 1958 or 59.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Was the exchange name 'Dimond' or
> 'Diamond' (with the /a/ as the third letter)? PAT]

Sorry about that; Diamond. I also seem to remember that this was a
Northridge (Shirley CO) and Reseda had DI, but it stood for something
else, can't remember what though.

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