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Re: Bell System Photo by Ansel Adams
Fri, 14 Apr 2006 17:36:14 UTC

John C. Fowler <> wrote:

> The broader topic of organizations moving customer service offshore is
> works out OK. For more complicated dealings, like telling a company
> why their product isn't working, I'm finding (in my experience) that
> it now requires more effort than it used to. This is all still
> experimental for a lot of companies.

I've had mixed results with presumably offshore tech support. I say,
"presumably" because it's hard to know if the Indian accent I'm
hearing is coming from Bangalor, India or Boulder, Colorado. In any
case I have had the tech support for a wireless router I was trying to
set up not only know what Linux was, but actually have helpful advice.
In another case, with Veritas software (now part of Symantec), they
have some sort of "rolling tech support" such that you get a technical
person in one of several call centers around the world depending on
time of day. It was only when I got the Indian support center that
the problem got solved quickly and easily.

On the other hand, I have placed tech support calls and gotten
someone I could barely understand, and with clearly limited
knowledge of the product.

It seems that if you pay the offshore folks a little more you can get
better results. At least, I am guessing that the good results I have
had were due to companies not going *too* cheap.

Bill Ranck
Blacksburg, Va.

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