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Jack Hamilton (
Tue, 11 Apr 2006 21:09:44 -0700

Dave Garland <> wrote:

> It was a dark and stormy night when (Henry) wrote:

>> Can the public use their own personal mobile phones in American
>> hospitals?

> Hospitals I have been in within the last couple of years had areas
> where phones were banned. For example, the waiting room was ok, but
> the actual emergency work area had signs prohibiting phones. I think
> the entire cardiac department was off limits, also Intensive Care
> Units.

My mother died last month, in a hospital-based hospice unit. The
hospital itself had signs warning visitors not to use cell phones --
except in the hospice unit, where the signs explicitly said it was OK
to use cell phones.

Hospices are good things. Support your local hospice.

Jack Hamilton

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