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BellSouth DSL vrs Time Warner Cable Speed Tests, Reliability
12 Apr 2006 13:11:59 -0700

I have Time Warner Cable (normal operating speed-not gamers speed. Am
getting these stats in my area in Charlotte, NC Downstream: 5622 Kbps
or 5.62 Mbps (686 kB/s)
Upload: 365 Kbps or 0.37 Mbps (45 kB/s)

Site used for stats:

Another test using:
Downstream: 4700 Kbps down
Upstream: 360 kbps

It also says this is 12% worse than the normal RR user which I believe
since our area has some latency through some overloaded TW switch.

Time of day Wednesday 4pm EST.

I also am running VOIP with Vonage which works fairly well.

I have no phone company.

****BellSouth is telling me they can offer:
a higher speed DSL up and downstream which they claim is more secure
than Time Warner IP Cable Modem infrastructure and which is not prone
to ups/downs (spikes) by other users which would occur with Cable.

Obviously it was a sales pitch to offer me to get rid of Vonage and
get rid of Road Runner and use some of their boxes (I use no boxes)
for TV (not sure what they sell for TV) in favor of unlimited long
distance at any time across the US, faster and more consistent
Internet speeds, and more secure data flow-at the same or lesser

I think this is a lot of bunk.


Thank you,


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have had no experience at all with
Bell South -- only second hand heresay knowledge of the company -- but
I am generally leary of anything generic Bell has to say these days;
and I will be honest about it, that is mostly because of my really
bad experiences with Southwestern Bell, i.e. SBC, now AT&T, and the
newly reconstructed 'telephone company' is by and large these days a
product of SBC. Overall, I agree with you it sounds like a lot of
bunk. PAT]

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