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Tornadoes, was Re: What Happened to Me

David Wolff (
Sun, 9 Apr 2006 20:59:27 UTC

In article <>, PAT discussed:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I understand the _height_ of buildings
> in a community make a difference also. For instance, I have never seen
> nor heard of a tornado in downtown Chicago (for example; is it even
> possible?) nor in Manhattan, NY. I _assume_ it may have something to
> do with the overall height on average of the buildings. Am I correct
> on that? Our tallest buildings here in Independence are, approximatly
> in this order: 'Professional Building' downtown, 6 stories; the 'Arco

It's not (directly) the height or arrangement of buildings, it's the
heat of the city. Large cities affect weather in their area because
the concrete, asphalt, and steel hold more heat, and they lack green
areas that reflect heat or lose it via water transpiration from
plants. Apparently tornadoes are deflected by this "heat island"

I'd guess tornadoes in downtown Chicago are possible, just not likely.

Thanks --

David (ex-Chicagoan)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: From one ex-Chicagoan to another,
isn't it _great_ to be out of that hell-hole once and for all? In
the six -- soon to be seven -- years since I packed up and split,
I have only once or twice entertained a notion of _possibly_
returning for a visit. PAT]

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