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Re: AT&T Doesn't Like My Last Name

Kenneth P. Stox (
Mon, 03 Apr 2006 02:06:23 GMT wrote:

> The "new" AT&T (formerly SBC, my local phone company) sent me a form
> letter stating that my user ID does not comply with their new rules
> and needs to be changed, or they will terminate the online access to
> my account. My AT&T user ID happens to be my last name (semenzato),
> same as my user ID everywhere else.

A friend of mine recently got the same letter. In his case, however,
it seems that AT&T objected to the sequence "mci" in his username.
Apparently, they consider that obscene, also.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: My God, that would eliminate everyone
whose last name is McIntosh, McIntry, and similar. Just IMO, I think
AT&T needs to have a _good, efective_ class action suit brought
against them. Of course, they have needed that for a long time
anyway. They no sooner bought out SBC (or was it the other way
around?) that the huge amount of SBC spam mail (letters saying how
much I was missed and how they would now give it all away for free to
me for a few months until they could get me to start accepting their
lies and B.S. again) switched from SBC letterhead to 'we are the new
AT&T' letterhead'. They probably used up all their old letterhead
from SBC then started using AT&T. PAT]

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