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Re: Toll Free Area Restrictions

Steven Lichter (
Mon, 27 Mar 2006 01:09:48 GMT

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>> We're having an interesting problem. User calling from a VOIP phone
>> in Ohio with an Ohio ANI to a Toll Free number that's allowed in
>> Ohio, but not in CA. Customer's interconnect point to the PSTN is in
>> Southern CA. Call is sent to a Southern CA tandem for SMS dip, and
>> the call fails because the CIC isn't open in CA. Has anyone else run
>> into this problem? Are there any solutions currently offered to
>> address this problem?

I would guess that the person who is trying to make the call may have
their VOIP phone number in an area that the toll free number has
blocked. A number does not have to be in an area where other number
like it may be. I know when I was working on a project in the US
Virgin Islands we had a 202 area code number at a managers desk, had
no idea why it was still there, but he said it was installed in 1970
by then ITT and was never removed, that is one long FX, but I'm sure
US NPA's are in other parts of the world.

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