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Re: Empplyment Opporutnity: Network Provisioner

Sam Spade (
Sat, 25 Mar 2006 06:20:54 -0800

John McHarry wrote:

> On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 12:37:21 -0800, Srikanth_V wrote:

>> I have an urgent requirement for Network Provisioner. Please send me
>> the perfect resumes asap.

> PAT, if you want an income stream from TD, how about charging for
> posts such as this one? As long as they are telecom related and not
> too repetitive, I doubt there would be much objection. I still startle
> at such blatantly commercial posts, but I am an Olde Phart. I settle
> fairly quickly and realize members of this audience are looking for
> such information. I don't know how much you could get for selling
> commercial posting rights, but I would guess it is a worthwhile, if
> fairly modest, sum.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Tell me this, John McHarry: How much of
> an 'income stream' do you think it would generate for me? I have an
> area ( ~/classified.html ) where such things go; I would rather not
> get in the habit of charging for messages in this main section; that
> way people who _are_ interested could to there to read them. A few
> times I have returned the submission with (I thought) a polite note
> telling the person to use the classifieds. I never hear from the
> person again. Well, I did once. A lady whose name/email appeared on
> a posting like that turned me in for 'spam/scamming' her mailbox and
> warned me to never again send her email 'demanding money' for
> anything. I wrote back and told her she was obviously a Witch; she
> turned me in again for 'harrassing her'. Now I just settle for
> whatever people wish to send me, if they wish to send anything. PAT]

I can't get my informational messages to post here.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You seem to have gotten this last one
to post alright, i.e. ("I can't get my informational messages to post
here.") So what do you think is going wrong? Could it be your
'informational messages' are by and large defined as 'spam' in large
measure by many segements of the community? If so, that would trip
them up every time. PAT]

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