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Re: Unusual Phishing Attempt

Al Gillis (
Sun, 19 Mar 2006 15:10:49 -0800

In my twisted mind I'm guessing that if you call them in response to
their bogus "order cancellation" you would then have established a
"business relationship" with the scammer, allowing him to disregard
any "no solicitation" instructions you may have signed up for at the
FTCs do not call registery.

If you are compelled to call such a place I'd use a coin phone or the
lobby phone at your employer's office (if they're dumb enough to allow
outside calls from their lobby -- I don't allow such calls from my
lobby phones!)


Jim Haynes <> wrote in message

> What's unusual about this one is that they want you to phone a number
> to give away your personal data rather than sending it to a phony web
> page. Wonder who is on the other end of that phone number.

> Dear Brian, [which is not my name]
> Your recent order has been cancelled due to the billing information
> not verifying with your issuing bank. Please call our Payment
> Processing Department at 1-800-991-6828 with the correct
> information and we will be happy to assist you. Please disregard
> this message if we have spoken to you regarding this order.

> jhhaynes at earthlink dot net

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: If you received that letter in actual
> email I suggest they were possibly trying to avoid a scam. I called
> the number and tried to bluff them out; the woman who answered asked
> for my name and zip code (I gave bogus info) and she said she was
> unable to find an order 'from that zip code and name' for their
> various clients including 'Foot Locker' and a couple of other companies.
> I get the impression it is a legitimate payment processor. PAT]

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