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Re: Gas Refrigerator (was 25 Hz Power)

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Fri, 17 Mar 2006 21:24:47 -0500

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> T wrote:

>> Unfortunately for me I've never heard a live electromechanical
>> switch.

> Telephone switches have a distinctive sound. The clicks and clacks are
> very sharp and distinctive.

> While an ESS switch is silent (except for the noisy blowers), there
> may be some nearby support racks that do contain relays, and those
> relays will make the sharp clack sounds.

Actually the #1ESS wasn't completely electronic per se -- it used reed
relays to complete the calls.

But our Prologix does still make some clicking noises, but nowhere near
the decibel level of an old SxS I bet.

> As to the sound of emergency generators, they are noisy. I was
> passing a nursing home when they were testing their generator and it
> was loud!

> Places with critical functions likes hospitals and nursing homes have
> backup power generators. They are tested every so often. Sometimes
> power failures result from failure of the switchgear to transition
> from one source to another. One of my employer's location had a
> backup source and they did a test; they were out of commission the
> whole day due to failures of the control circuitry.

Yep. Our 125kW natural gas generator makes plenty of noise. And it
works flawlessly too.

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