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Re: What Phone Company has Clearest Audio?

John L (
17 Mar 2006 03:42:58 GMT

> alternative and looked at VONAGE. In VONAGE's features list, they
> claimed they had "Higher quality calls than landline in many cases".

Based on my experience with Vonage, those must be the cases where the
landline is transmitted over twelve miles of barbed wire fence.

> Is there a better service than VONAGE that carry clear long-distance
> calls?

These days, landline phone switches all turn your phone calls into
bits, and it is my impression that most landline long distance
companies just transmit the bits, so they'll all be the same. The
difference is how much noise there is between your handset and the
phone switch.

If you want really clear audio and don't care about the price, get
ISDN service so the phone itself does the digital conversion and the
link from your house to the telco is all digital and noiseless.



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