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Get Rid of Your Phone Vendor?

3z3k3l (
15 Mar 2006 20:33:25 -0800, a new telephone freelance website, has been
recently launched allowing businesses to get rid of their phone
vendors. Businesses are using the power of the internet and secure
remote tools to utilize certified engineers remotely. This service
allows businesses, who were once bound by single proprietary vendors,
to contract out or send out for bidding, simple moves, adds, changes
and request for quotes for their phone systems. This shifts the buying
power and control to the end user and allows the business to set the
price and choose the time.

"This undertaking creates a paradigm shift for the telephone
industry." says Rick Cruz owner of, "No longer do
businesses have to depend on sometimes slow or unreliable phone
vendors for service. gives them options that just didn't
exist before." Traditionally phone systems are proprietary in nature
and require specialized training and certifications to program them;
thus the need for specialized vendors. Now with secure remote access;
moves, adds and changes can be completed remotely from qualified
individuals in a matter of minutes rather then days or sometimes even
weeks. offers free templates for requests for quotes, and even
allows job postings to their network of freelancers. There are
certifications which freelancers can attain in order to verify their
information for safety purposes. Also businesses can be verified so
freelancers can rest easy and know they will be paid for their work. also offers a safe escrow service to protect both sides
from financial harm. is a division of, a free
Pbx information site, with over 17,000 registered phone system
professionals. strives to bring businesses and qualified phone system
individuals together to complete telephony projects remotely and

What do you guys think?

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