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Re: 208/240V, was: 25 Hz Power

sidd (
Wed, 15 Mar 2006 04:57:56 GMT

In article <>, Danny Burstein
<> wrote:


> [a] I'd personally consider that design
> to be two-phase, since the legs
> are 180 degrees apart, but the
> rest of the world disagrees with
> me and calls it single phase.

I have heard it referred to as split phase 220 ...


> HOWEVER, if you grab two of the hot legs for the circuit, you're NOT
> getting 240V but instead, because it's 120 degree out of phase, you
> get (again, that's separate from the 120V... ) you get:

> 120V * (square root of 3) = 208V

Dropping alternate phases seems common all over the USA.


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