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Re: Gas Refrigerator (was 25 Hz Power)

George Mitchell (
Mon, 13 Mar 2006 21:44:57 -0800 wrote:

> Every "emergency engine" I ever saw in a telephone building was a
> conventional diesel engine. My father-in-law was shop foreman for a
> company that sold and service large earth moving equipment in Enid,
> Oklahoma, and from time to time they were called upon to routine the
> auto-start emergency engine in the Enid c.o. It was a conventional GM
> diesel engine like those used on earth moving equipment and
> locomotives.

> Wes Leatherock

My memory is not as accurate as it used to be, but I have a dramatic
memory from around 1968 of seeing a turbine-powered generator in the
basement of 185 Franklin Street in Boston. A bunch of M.I.T. students
were getting a tour of the #4 crossbar tandem, and the gentleman
showing us the building actually threw the switch to fire up the
turbine in test mode. I think it took over a minute to get up to full

-- George Mitchell

P.S. The roar and clatter of those card translators is still in my
memory, too.

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