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obsidian (obsidian@vlaanderen.terra.sol)
Sun, 12 Mar 2006 16:25:53 +0100

Your observation about single phase is correct for UK. However in
other parts of Europe 3 phase is routinely supplied to quite small

I live in a small 2 bedroom apartment in Belgium of about 80m² which
is supplied with 3 phase with 230 volts between phases and no
neutral. More modern homes are supplied with 3 phase and neutral with
400 volts from phase to phase.

This arrangement makes a standardised pre-wired power distribution box
impossible (except in UK).

As a side note the UK nominal 240 volts is becoming 230 volts and the
rest of Europe 220 volts is becoming 230 volts for European


William Warren <> wrote in message

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> <nitpick>

> Despite the different frequency, both US/Canadian and European homes
> have single-phase power; nobody bothers with three phase for homes,
> because there isn't enough demand in homes to justify the added
> expense of installing three-phase power.

> The difference is that European homes receive a 220-volt, single-phase
> feed at their electric outlets, which is, of course, twice the "110"
> volt standard used on this side of the Atlantic. The higher voltage
> means lower current for the same wattage, thus allowing smaller wire
> sizes and concomitant savings in home construction costs.

> </nitpick>

> William Warren
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