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Re: Internet and Civil Liberties?

Sun, 12 Mar 2006 05:51:04 -0500 wrote:

> There's been a lot of press lately about dangerous people using the
> Internet to prey on others.

> However, technical weaknesses make it easy to forge someone else's
> identity. What protection is there if an innocent person is accused
> of being an identity thief, pervert, defrauder, etc.?

> Suppose some molester uses your identity in a chat to arrange an
> illicit meeting with a victim. Will cops come after you? How would
> you defend yourself?

If you're not technically astute, you'd better hire a good lawyer
quick. But at the same time it is getting to be like the situation
with money with cocaine residue on it. For a while in the 80s it was
considered strong evidence of trafficking if you had 20s with cocaine
traces on it. Then someone showed that most of the money in
possession of police, judges, court officials, people on the street,
and most all money in major cities and soon the entire country had
traces on it.

Most all Internet fraud and other illegal activity is now based on
bogus identities. Any police force of any size who deals with this
knows it and deals with it appropriately. And most local police (at
least here in NC) call in the state guys for this type of stuff as
they have the knowledge to deal with it. Sheriff Bubba doesn't go
after much related to computers.

Not to say people will not get falsely accused, but it should be a
minor part of the problem as time goes on.

I run some mail servers and looking at the appearance of "falseness"
of the incoming mail is the best indicator of things to toss.

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