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> Wed, 8 Mar 2006 20:14:39 EST wrote:

>> It is not all that uncommon in the business world for the acquirer to
>> take the name of the acquired company. Phil Anshutz's (he of Qwest
>> fame, among many other businesses) Denger and Rio Grande Western
>> Railroad acquired that Southern Pacific Company, parent of the
>> Southern Pacific Railroad (which had long since divested Sprint).
>> Then he changed the name of the company to Southern Pacific. (Also of
>> historic interest only, since the Union Pacific Railroad acquired
>> Southern Pacific and dropped the name).

>> NationsBank, formerly NCNB National Bank, and before that North
>> Carolina National Bank, acquired Bank of America and then changed its
>> name to Bank of America.>>

> Or in the recent case of SBC (formerly Southwestern Bell Corporation)
> [not to be confused with SBC for Seattle's Best Coffee, a division of
> Starbucks] buying AT&T and taking on the name of the rechristened
> company as at&t (just "lower casing" themselves and ditching the death
> star in favour of a blue marble.)

> Then again there are other cases where a name change was affected --
> MCI (Microwave Communications Incorporated) becoming Worldcom, but
> more than likely Worldcom was not a favourable name after the higher
> level hijinx with "creative" accounting bankrupted the original
> corporation so they changed their corporate name to that of the
> acquired entity (perhaps thinking that the public was too stupid to
> notice that it was still the same entity that screwed them out of
> their investment if they invested in the company.)

> MCI hasn't dealt with microwave in *years* and AT&T hasn't had much of
> anything to do with telegraph either for that matter either.

And MCI really doesn't exist anymore. It's all Verizon -- including
UUNet. Scary indeed.

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