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Wed, 08 Mar 2006 20:57:58 GMT

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> Unfortunately, moderating a newsgroup has become a pretty tough
> challenge these days. There's the technical considerations to keep
> the basic functionality and archives going along. Then there's the
> massive amount of spam, viruses, etc to be filtered out, as well as
> off-topic and nasty messages.

I am willing to help on the technical side of keeping this mailing list
going, and I may be able to contribute some bandwidth and CPU.

but as has been pointed out, Pat has set a very high bar, and I am
certainly not knowledgeable enough to moderate some of the highly
informed contributions to this group/mailing list.

> It might be helpful to have multiple moderators to share the load. I
> think the world-war-II newsgroup does that, with incoming messages
> routed around to the different moderators.

This is an excellent suggestion, in addition to John Levine, I might
suggest Floyd Davidson as well. (their time and inclinations
permitting of course ...)

> Hopefully Pat will be with us for a long time to come.

Seconded, he has played a very large role in informing this community
over the years, and i hope that he will be able to do so for many
years to come.


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