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Ryan Pitylak (
Wed, 8 Mar 2006 02:27:59 -0600

[TELECOM Digesst Editor's Note: This _former_ spammer says he has
seen the errors of his ways, been reformed, and wishes to again be
part of our online community. PAT]

So, this is to follow-up on the information left on the website. As
everyone knows, I was in the Spamming business until about one year
ago. I have made a dramatic change in opinion about the industry and I
would like to become a part of, and an advocate for, the anti-spam
industry. I will be providing services to businesses in the future so
that they can become better prepared to fight off spam. This was not a
switch motivated by money, but an actual switch in opinion about what
spam is, and how it should be handled in the community. Please visit
my website if you're interested in more information.

Thank you,

Ryan Pitylak

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