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Re: Bogus! The Container Store Wants Your Phone Number

Touch Tone Tommy (
Tue, 07 Mar 2006 21:31:33 -0800

On Mon, 06 Mar 2006 23:23:20 -0000, (Carl Zwanzig)

> Ron Chapman <> wrote:

>> Fortunately she accepted without question my knee-jerk "No, thank you"
>> response to her request for my phone number. But she had to plug
>> something in; she plugged in all 1s.

> Usually being in California, I'll give 410-555-xxxx, where xxxx is
> random :-). The time/temp numbers were good, too.

410-555-0020 or 0002 is the milliwatt test tone. Always useful when
someone needs your number

>> Shades of the old Radio Shack days, when you couldn't buy a 30 cent
>> battery without giving up your family tree and medical history.

> I always liked "1600 S Beach St, Ft Worth Tx." If the clerk/manager
> was on top of things, they recognised the address of Tandy
> corp. headquarters. Not as much fun when Tandy moved to "1 Tandy
> Plaza".

> z!

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