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Tom Singleton (
Mon, 6 Mar 2006 07:25:40 -0800 (PST)

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Thanks for your kind words, but I do
> not think I will be doing it much longer. A few months, perhaps, and
> maybe someone _responsible and trustworthy_ will take it over. I know
> I have to find some permanent person for it soon; it worries me a lot
> to think of incidents like last week and it just vanishes with no
> warning. That would really be amazing if someone offered to buy the
> Digest/web URL from me. PAT]

Hi Pat,

First, I wish you a full and speedy recovery, and many continued happy

The Digest will not be the same without you, from any point of view.
On the positive, your years of experience, interesting stories from
the telecom past, and overall care and concern to prepare and present
telecom information do not appear to be duplicatable from within our
ranks. From that aspect, at best I suspect that the Digest will be a
shell of it's former self, and most likely die after a while. We all
will miss it.

On the other hand, I doubt many will miss the unrelated and
never-ending, one-sided, pseudo-political forum you continue to force
us to endure in order to see the good stuff buried within. I for one
will NOT miss your oh-poor-me David v. Goliath whinings against
everything from business to cops to government to courts to cities to
whatever has ever 'wronged' you, always without objective and
reasonable information from the "other side" du jour. If the Digest
survives, the LACK of those sorts of items will most likely be your
most enduring epitaph.

Good health. Hang in there.

Ken Hoehn

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: (Sticking out tongue, making a passing
gas-like sound at you). I see you are no good for your promises, either.
You promised me -- assured me -- you were never going to read nor
offer any support here ever again after your last hissy fit here a
couple years ago. But here you are again. You are _not_ being forced
to read anything here, Ken. Why don't you have one of the guys help
you get a working filter on your computer? Set it to block everything
between "TELECOM Digest Editor's Note:" and "PAT". Then your virgin
and undefiled eyes will not be subject to viewing/hearing truths you
do not undestand nor want to deal with. You are welcome! PAT]

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