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Re; Long-Term AT&T Investors

Anthony Bellanga (
Tue, 07 Mar 2006 09:57:34 -0700

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>> As of Friday, 3/3/2006 the value of the shares (of the remaining
>> companies, ACR, T, BLS, CMCSA, LU, Q, VZ & VOD) was $118,188.12.

> You forgot NCR and AV, by the way.

I assume that NCR is for National Cash Register, AV is for Avaya, VZ
is for Verizon, Q is for Qwest, BLS is for BellSouth, and LU is for
Lucent. (Am I correct?)

But, pray tell, what do the stock codes ACR, T, CMCSA, VOD stand for?
And if they aren't "obvious" entities, how would they relate to the
(old) AT&T "Bell System"?

Also, AT&T used to own a part of Bell Canada, which is now part of
Bell Canada Enterprises. I don't know if Nortel is now an entity
totally separate from Bell Canada (in the way that Lucent is now
separate from AT&T), but Nortel was once Northern Electric, and also a
"part" of the "Bell System" in a way. Both Bell Canada (partially
owned by AT&T) and Western Electric (totally owned by AT&T) were part
owned Northern Electric back then.

Southern New England Telephone Company (for most of Connecticut) was
only partially owned by AT&T, and became a separate entity altogather
with 1984. But in 1997, SBC (which had just taken over Pacific
Telesis' Pacific Bell and Nevada Bell) took over SNET. And now, SBC
has been renamed "at&t" with their purchase of AT&T.

But I think that Cincinnati Bell is still a separate entity
altogather. Prior to 1984, AT&T only partially held Cincinnati Bell,
but with 1984, it became a totally separate company of its own. But it
was still a "part" of the old Bell System, to some degree.

So, shouldn't Nortel, Bell Canada Enterprises, and Cincinnati Bell
also be included as "leftovers" in what had once been the old AT&T
"Bell System" as well?

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