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Re: A Question About 'Dial 1' in USA Calling

Bob Goudreau (
Tue, 7 Mar 2006 01:11:24 -0500

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Wes Leatherock wrote:

> The Oklahoma City and Tulsa local calling areas are something like 75
> miles across east-west and north-south. There are no zones or other
> charges associated with making calls in this local calling area.

> I believe the Oklahoma City local calling area is the most extensive
> in the U.S.A. The Atlanta area is not quite as large but serves more
> telephones (exchange access arrangements or whatever they are called
> now).

> These are all flat rate service.

I wonder what the exact figures are for these areas. Another
contender for the title of largest calling area would be Hawai`i
County, Hawai`i, a.k.a. "the Big Island". The entire
4028-square-mile island is a single flat-rate local calling area.
It's a good two-hour drive between the two chief cities (Hilo on the
east coast and Kailua-Kona on the west coast), but they're just a
local call away from each other. Even if it isn't the *biggest* local
calling area, it might well be the *tallest* (as distinct from
highest) local zone. There are phone numbers listed for some of the
telescope facilities at the summit of Mauna Kea, more than 13,000 feet
above sea level.

Bob Goudreau
Cary, NC

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