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Cellular-News for Tuesday 7th March 2006

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[[ 3G ]]

Simple 3G Phones For Japan

Japan's DoCoMo has announced that it has developed the
third-generation (3G) FOMA SIMPURE series of basic and compact
handsets for people who do not require highly sophisticated
functions. The series has two models, SIMPURE L, supplied by LG

HSDPA Launched in Bulgaria

Mobiltel, mobilkom austria group-member, has launched the first HSDPA
network in Bulgaria. The company thereby joins the world's first five
network operators offering their customers the new 3G technology. In
September 2005, Mobiltel announced the te...

[[ Financial ]]

AT&T Deal Seeks Growth Through Cingular

The prospects of fully owning the faster growing Cingular Wireless
business and gaining access to BellSouth's lucrative southeast market
may have been the catalyst for AT&T's US$67 billion acquisition of the
Baby Bell. ...

Softbank Shares Rise On News May Buy Vodafone Japan Unit

If Softbank strikes a deal with Vodafone, NTT DoCoMo and KDDI would
likely face stiffer competition. Softbank's Son is known for driving
down prices in markets his firm enters. For example, Softbank
initially stomached large losses when promoting its...

UPDATE: Research In Motion Surges After Settlement

Research In Motion shares climbed as much as 14% Monday as investors
cheered as the company's settlement in a patent-infringement suit that
threatened to shut down the popular BlackBerry wireless e-mail
service. ...

ATP Sues NTC For Trying To Force Other TDC Holders To Sell

Danish pension fund ATP Monday said it will take legal action against
private-equity company Nordic Telephone Co., or NTC, for seeking to
force minority shareholders in Danish telecommunications operator TDC
to sell their shares. ...

Ministry: Sector needs US$19bn investment

Colombia's telecoms sector will require investments of 43tn pesos
(US$19.1bn) over the next 15 years if it is to grow into a tool that
will allow other sectors to develop, communications minister Martha
Pinto said in a statement. ...

Analysis: After BellSouth, Is Anyone Left?

After a decade of dealmaking, the phone industry is running out of
buyers and sellers. The latest deal, AT&T Inc.'s agreement on Sunday
to buy BellSouth Corp. for $67 billion, would remove one of the few
major targets left in the phone business. Bell...

[[ Handsets ]]

Just How Did Motorola Make the RAZR V3 So Thin?

In its latest Insight on Ultra-Slim phones, Strategy Analytics
uncovered the secrets of the Motorola RAZR V3, comparing the thickness
of the majority of ultra-slim clamshell phones. The success of the
RAZR, and the growing trend by other vendors to i...

Samsung Shows Off Windows Mobile Phone

Samsung Electronics has shown off the world's first 8GB Hard Disk
embedded smartphone. Samsung was the first to adopt a hard disk drive
into mobile phones and has launched three models equipped with a hard
disk drive; the world's first 1.5GB HDD embe...

[[ Messaging ]]

Movistar agrees to interconnect SMS with Nextel

Mexican mobile operator Movistar, owned by Spain's Telefonica
Mviles, has agreed to interconnect its short messaging
services (SMS) with trunking operator Nextel as ordered by Telecoms
regulator Cofetel, local daily El Financiero reported. ...

Britain's Reality TV Craze Fuels Text Message Voting

I'm a text voter, get me out of here! The reality TV craze sweeping
the UK has reached the mobile industry, according to M:Metrics' latest
figures. The measurement firm's January Benchmark Survey found that
21.8% of British mobile subscribers (8.9 mi...

Mobile365 Signs Premium SMS Deal in Taiwan

Mobile 365 says that it has successfully obtained full Premium SMS
(PSMS) connectivity with three mobile operators in Taiwan. The
cross-operator PSMS connectivity not only enables Mobile 365 customers
to reach over 23 million mobile subscribers in Ta...

[[ Mobile Content ]]

Mobile TV in China Ready to Take Off

Still in their infancy, mobile TV services in China are ready to take
flight, reports In-Stat. Mobile TV subscribers in China will grow to
94 million by 2009, the high-tech market research firm forecasts, with
2007 being the year that the services ga...

[[ Network Operators ]]

Orange Launches Animal-Themed UK Tariff Structure

Orange, the mobile telecommunications arm of France Telecom, Monday
launched a new marketing campaign in the UK contract market that links
customer behavior with animal characteristics. ...

[[ Offbeat ]]

Vodafone Branded Guitars ?

Vodafone, as sponsor of the Rock in Rio - Lisbon Festival, is to
install three countdown displays in the form of 'giant guitars' at a
number of sites in Lisbon. The guitars, which will be installed
starting this week on the 2nd Ring Road, at Praca de...

[[ Regulatory ]]

Russian president signs caller pays principle bill into law

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a bill seeking to
introduce the Calling Party Pays (CPP) principle effective July 1, the
government's press service said on Saturday. ...

[[ Reports ]]

Explosive Growth Continues for India's Mobile-Phone Market

How fast is India's mobile-phone market growing? So fast that Indian
wireless carriers added approximately 4.7 million new subscribers in
January alone, a new high mark for mobile-phone service growth in the
nation, according to iSuppli Corp. So fast...

Industry Experts Predict Continued Growth in Mobile Technology

Optimism reigned at yesterday's RBC Capital Markets' Mobility
Evolution Conference in New York when institutional investors,
wireless service and content providers, research analysts and
wired/wireless advertisers predicted the past five years of 20 ...

[[ Statistics ]]

Indec: Mobile base grows 62.2% yoy

Mobile operators in Argentina closed January 2006 with 22.7 million
lines in service, up 62.2% compared to the 14.0 million subscribers
recorded in January 2005, according to statistics bureau Indec. ...

Russia's SMARTS user base hits 3 million as of Monday

The subscriber base of Russian regional mobile operator SMARTS hit 3
million users as of now, the company said in a press release
Monday. ...

[[ Technology ]]

AT&T CEO: Merger To Speed Next-Gen Network Technology

AT&T Inc.'s merger with BellSouth Corp. should speed the adoption of
next-generation technology integrating wireless and wireline networks,
according to AT&T Chief Executive Edward Whitacre. ...

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Part of today's opening message from
these folks is worth repeating:

A spam-enabler speaks out:

> You might not have received your newsletter yesterday.
> Some of the text in the email triggered spam filters at some companies which
> will have blocked the emails.

> Sorry about that !
> To ensure that the newsletter arrives, please (do the gyrations and
> contortions each day as explained in the opening statements.)

If you did not receieve this newsletter yesterday, it is _your_
fault. Its never the fault of the one-celled organism which dumped a
load of trash and garbage all over, forcing ISPs and company sysadmins
to scramble to make efforts to protect their systems. If the ISP or
company sysadmin had been on his toes, _he_ would have done it

Whatever happened to the concept of blaming the problem on the
person(s) who created the mess, and punishing them accordingly? I can
remember the time, years ago, when we used to _expose_ (to sunlight)
the guys who did that crap, giving their home phone numbers, their
white-trash trailer park home addresses, their employment as telephone
company 'marketing' reps [i.e. cold-calling guys in an office somewhere]
their driver's records -- everything we could do to punish them and
make them wish they had never heard of nor used computers.

Then the original spam-enablers came along -- with tears in their
eyes, oh this is so sad -- telling us we could not invade the privacy
of the erk-jays, that the erk-jays might choose to sue _us_ for
denying them _their_ service, invading _their_ privacy, and the more
noble of the spam-enablers would keep insisting (as they pouted!) we
have no right to tell others how to use their computer sites, etc.
How times have changed! Pardon me while I go vomit, and try to get rid
of the latest chest pains I am feeling. PAT]

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