TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: AT&T to Acquire BellSouth For $67B

AT&T to Acquire BellSouth For $67B

USTelecom dailyLead (
Mon, 6 Mar 2006 12:46:48 EST

USTelecom dailyLead
March 6, 2006


* AT&T to acquire BellSouth for $67B
* Telecom, cable industries will feel deal's impact
* Vodafone inks deal to unload Japanese unit
* Cisco, Microsoft team up
* Despite settlement, RIM faces challenges
* Ricochet seeks to return to Bay Area
* Communications Security in the Digital Age: Only at TelecomNEXT
* Survey: Broadband spikes in rural America
* Report: Verizon's FiOS enhances competition in Texas
* Qwest eyes nontelecom acquisitions
* Cable-phone consortium readies new mobile phone services
* Municipal Wi-Fi has drawbacks
* Practice of "piggybacking" sparks debate
* The Web's last holdouts
* Phone service driving basic cable growth
* Who will pay for network upgrades?

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Cellular-News -

[[3G News]]

Thai TOT To Get Control Of Mobile JVs; Plans To Offer 3G

Thailand's state-owned telecom firm TOT said Friday it will buy shares
in two mobile-phone joint ventures from state agency CAT Telecom PCL,
in a move to gain full control over 1,900 and 2,000 megahertz
mobile-phone frequencies for the third generati...

[[Financial News]]

Taiwan Mobile Earns NT$124.7 Million From Chunghwa Tel Share Sale

Taiwan Mobile, Friday reported a disposal gain of NT$124.7 million
from the sale of 9.99 million Chunghwa Telecom shares. ...

OTE To Buy Cosmote Shares Currently Not Owned, But Not Yet

Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA (OTE) confirmed Friday
that it's interested in buying the shares in its mobile arm Cosmote
that it doesn't currently own, but not just yet. ...

Vodafone Group Confirm Offer Talks For Japanese Unit

Vodafone Group said that it has noted Friday's press speculation
regarding its Japanese subsidiary. ...

UPDATE: Vodafone In Talks To Sell Loss-making Japanese Arm

Mobile-phone company Vodafone Group rallied 9% on Friday after saying
it's in talks to sell its loss-making Japanese arm. ...

AT&T TO Acquire BellSouth -Sources

NEW YORK (Dow Jones) AT&T Inc. is planning to acquire BellSouth Corp,
people familiar with the situation say. A deal between the two could
be announced as early as Monday. ...

[[Handsets News]]

Motorola Cant Meet Demand For RAZR Handsets

Speaking at a recent Merrill Lynch conference, Ron Garriques,
President of Mobile Devices Division at Motorola, noted that the
company is still having trouble meeting demand for their iconic RAZR
handset. ...

Orange, Sony Ericsson In Joint Marketing Agreement

Orange, the mobile telecommunications arm of France Telecom, has
signed a joint marketing partnership with Sony Ericsson to promote the
manufacturer's Walkman-branded music handsets. ...

[[Legal News]]

Research In Motion Pays NTP $612.5 Million To Settle Dispute

Research In Motion Ltd. said late Friday that it agreed to pay NTP
Inc. $612.5 million to settle a long-running patent dispute that had
threatened to disrupt its widely used BlackBerry wireless-email
service. ...

[[Messaging News]]

BlackBerry Problems in Trinidad

Cable & Wireless in the Cayman Islands says that it has identified a
potential problem for some of their BlackBerry customers whilst trying
to roam in Trinidad on the TSTT network. While in Trinidad, customers
may experience difficulty acquiring and ...

[[Mobile Content News]]

Ericsson Providing WAP Billing For ZapDance

Ericsson will provide WAP billing in the UK for ZapDance, a Norwegian
developer of mobile internet portals. Ericsson Internet Payment
eXchange (IPX) is the dominant aggregator in enabling WAP billing
across major networks in the UK. ZapDance is now a...

[[Network Contracts News]]

Orange Upgrades Data Services

Orange Slovakia has made a major capacity upgrade of its NettGain Data
Optimization solution, provided by Flash Networks to improve data
optimization over it's mobile network, which is seeing a dramatic
increase in traffic and subscribers, as a resul...

[[Network Operators News]]

The Fight For Mobile Customers At Border Areas

Five years ago, residents in Vietnam's remote and border areas didn't
even know what a mobile phone was. Now, cell phone networks cover
almost all of these areas. The area around the Ban Thi Railway Station
in the Van Thuy Commune in Chi Lang Distric...

Over 40 Million Subscribers Shortly for South Africa

South Africa's Vodacom says that it has had to add an additional
number range to the current number ranges, including 082, 072 and 076,
to make room for its growing family of subscribers. As from 1 March
2006, Vodacom added the 079 number range to it...

Chris Gent Opposes Sarin As Vodafone CEO - report

There have been reports that the former head of Vodafone, Sir Chris
Gent had considered voting against the re-election of Arun Sarin as
Chief Executive of the company. ...

[[Offbeat News]]

Motorola Private Jet Crashes

A Motorola private jet had an accident last Friday when landing at
Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, USA. The plane went off the runway
and stopped some 100 feet from the end of the runway. There was an
unnamed Motorola executive on board, but a Motor...

[[Regulatory News]]

CRT names new executive director

Colombian telecoms regulator CRT has named Carlos Alberto Herrera
Barros as its new executive director, replacing Gabriel Adolfo Jurado
Parra, the country's communications ministry announced. ...

[[Reports News]]

Australians Consider Ditching Landlines Within 2 Years

A Newspoll survey commissioned by Vodafone has revealed that
approximately 1.4 million Australians see few reasons to hold onto
their landline and are seriously considering ditching it altogether to
become totally mobile inside the next two years. Ba...

[[Statistics News]]

dea crosses 7 Million-Subscriber base

India's dea Cellular has announced its achievement of crossing the 7
million strong customer mark in its eight circle operation covering
only 45% of the country's cellular base. In less than 12 months the
company has added nearly 2 million subscribe...

[[Technology News]]

OmniVision Eases Upgrade to 3 Megapixel Camera Phones

OmniVision Technologies has launched a CameraChip solution which
allows handset customers to upgrade their camera phones from 2
megapixels to 3 megapixels without mechanical design changes. This
'drop-in' replacement method will significantly reduce ...

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