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Verizon EVDO PDA Phone and VOIP
3 Mar 2006 02:37:20 -0800

I tend to agree, unless there was some way to flash the hardware, then
it would be hard to get the phone to ring. Another possiblilty would
be to get the softphone to stay active and ring. One scenario is where
the PDA phone makes bluetooth connection to voip phone and the phone
rings there.

In any case EVDO is still quite useful for making.

> Subject: RE: [sdw2003] Verizon EVDO PDA Phone and

> So it plays a WAV file when a call is
> recieved....??

>> The VoIP app just plays a WAV file... Like any
>> other app.

>> Tony

>> Subject: RE: [sdw2003] Verizon EVDO PDA Phone and VOIP

>> The really cool thing would be if VOIP using EVDO were able to get
>> the PDA phone to ring. It's probably possible, but I am not sure
>> what initates that action in the phone. It's most likely a
>> embedded function so I am not certain how much you could >
>> configure it. The big upside however is that you could
>> make outbound calls with the PDA phone.

>>> Currently no blockage at this point by Verizon, although the EULA
>>> forbids it...however I tried it once and it works really nice
>>> this phone. I did hear rumors that Verizon was
>>> going to block VOIP calls, but I have not heard any confirmation of
>>> this.

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